Gardening 2018 (in English)

pear-shaped cherry tomatoes

I'm working from home this WE, so I took advantage of some little time available this morning to take a few pictures of the balcony, to keep some memories from this year's beautiful plantations, and to thanks my friend Pakovska who always gives me some cool seeds to test out ! :)

corne de boeuf pepper

I used to spend more time home in the past, and I loved to keep a trace of each year blossoming/fruits/expanding plants ! But I started working… and it's the first time in 6 years I think that I have such a good result. I had a beautiful terrace in my previous flat in Grenoble but it was soooo huge, that all my efforts with plants where not enough not to make it look empty, haha !

Kartz from the Dévoluy, and another handmade pot from Turini

Alain loves edible plants. We tried a lot of things last year but it was really disppointing because they caught what we called the « mildiou » : it's a little mushroom, like a mousse, that prospers when watering too much/profiting of too much humidity. We lost all our tomatoes, eggplants, and our salads have been also eaten by some « limaces ». Bouh !  


But this year, the meteo is better, with a lot of sun days ! The first problem was that there were even too much sun for some varieties. So I decided to put some perennial plants : first because I always loved them, and also because it's more resistent and adapted to the sun (our balcony is facing South East !!). But even some perennial plants had too much sun, so we spotted the zones of the balcony that was less catching the sun at midday, and re-arranged the disposal of the pots. And now, I think it's really better !

Decorative and non-edible!
Basil with drying seeds

Last year, when Pakovska asked us to harvest her wonderland garden (I still feel like a parasit for that!!) we caught some delicious mini-tomatoes, yellow and pear shaped. I was soooo found of them that we refreined from eating all of them and kept the seeds instead, to be able to harvest them the year after, and … TADAM ! They are coming !!

Eager to taste them!

We also bought the best variety of strawberries from Botanic. Pure hazard but it's organicly grown, the fruits are ooooover numerous (I think one foot gave us almost 35 fruits in two monthes?!), and more important, they are sugary and really perfumes ! Love it ! It's called « Fraisier Maduixot, Cirano ». We are ending the second season but they are still some little surprises once or twice a week to harvest ! :)

graps of (past) strawberries
The river plant!

I'm really obsessed with this pot plant we bought really small but that have grown so big ! I love the fact that its ramifications are falling like a river or some beautiful hair, haha ! I bought this amazing blue pot from an artisan in Grenoble, selling its stuff at the flower shop on the Championnet square. It's soooo beautiful ! These two make the perfecto combo (and a good backstage for Instagram food pictures, ha ha) !


We also had two beautiful peppers, « Corne de boeuf »-type, and somme salads. Even if we defeted in late may on an attack of snails, we started again and defended our troups ! :)

Another-type of river thing! :)

If you want to learn more about seeds'saving methods, storing and such, please visit Pakovska's website. She is also selling her own seeds, so you can benefit from the wild variety of tomatoes and other edible plants she is collecting ! Lately, she started also working with a saffron farm : you can buy the bulbs from her website also : it's certainly worthes the effort to grow your own gold spice. 

And you, are you found of gardening? Little balcony or huge garden? Edible plants or decorative ones? 


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